About Us

Cocoa Townes is governed by a Board of Directors which adheres to published Covenants & By-Laws, along with a Homeowners Manual.  The value of your property, and that of the entire community, is maintained by a rigorous program of architectural and horticultural consistency. The HOA is governed by an elected nine-member Board of Directors and assisted by a Superintendent who maintains the grounds and a Financial Manager who handles accounts. The HOA is funded through monthly homeowner dues which cover expenses incurred in maintaining the community.

The Board meets on the third Monday of each month (except June, July, August, and December). Board meetings are held via Zoom and are open to all homeowners, who may request a Zoom link from the HOA Secretary.  The annual homeowners meeting takes place the first Monday in December.

The Cocoa Townes Community holds a yard sale in October that is open to public. Unless stated otherwise, Cocoa Townes is a closed community and you must be a homeowner to take part in meetings and other social events.

Board of Directors


  • Eric Williams


  • Don Santostefano


  • Steve Smith


  • Jim Cichelli

Assessments Committee Chair

  • Jim Barner

Architectural Committee Chair

  • Don Santostefano

Horticultural Committee Chair

  • Dave Teller

Covenants & By-Laws Committee Chair/                              Painting Sub-Committee Chair

  • Jim Kroh
Social Committee Chair
  • Joan May
  • Larry Espenshade



  • Luke Ellenberger

Financial Manager

  • Michelle Curry, CPA

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